The lights dim and expectation rises; suddenly you feel a surge in the music, its beat and rhythm creating a contagious prelude of anticipation felt throughout the room. Suddenly, she appears, floating effortlessly as if her feet aren’t really touching the floor, but rather hovering just above it. Her body moves in a sensual, fluid motion, controlled, yet simultaneously free and easy, swaying with the music. Mysteriously, her eyes transport you across time to the places where ancient sisters of old danced for joy, for celebration, for pleasure, for their men, for each other, for themselves. It’s inexplicable, yet somehow she takes you there. Her veil hides and reveals and then encircles her in a breeze of motion as she expertly conforms it to her will. She emits an aura sensed by all, one of timeless celebration recalled from deep within her soul. She dances the oldest dance in the world…the Belly Dance.

With ancient beginnings dating back to the oldest recorded history, belly dance has its roots firmly grounded in celebration…of life…of freedom…of happiness…of entertainment…of artistic expression.

For twelve months I photographed American belly dancers, privileged to have a “front row seat” through my camera’s viewfinder in individual photo sessions and live performances. Prepare your mind for a visual and educational experience created to cultivate a newfound respect and appreciation for the art of belly dance.

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